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Confidence in Every Claim The Quest Urgent Care Billing

Climb out of the billing maze with our expertise! Our urgent care billing services feature claims submission, clear patient statements, smooth payment processing, and effective denial management. Quest MBS can help you simplify your billing and boost your revenue.
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Urgent Care Billing Services

End-to-End Billing Support

Get Transparency & Control in Your Urgent Care Billing

The anxiety of being uncertain about the security of your patient data and HIPAA compliance looms large. These concerns can intensify when faced with unexpected write-offs and adjustments that erode hard-earned revenue. At Quest MBS, we are the credible solution to your urgent care billing woes. With a sterling reputation and top-class references from the industry, including serving the largest urgent care center, we bring the assurance of excellence.

Our billing services come at an attractive rate of 1.49% of all services, and we can meet or beat any price in the market, delivering compelling value. We take a proactive approach to cash recovery and employ extensive A/R follow-up measures to resolve outstanding claims.  With us, you regain control over your billing, and your confidence soars as you enjoy guaranteed billing cost reduction by 80%. 

We maintain 100% HIPAA compliance, securing your patients' data. Quest MBS is your ultimate solution for urgent care billing services. Our dedicated account managers provide end-to-end support, and we operate with complete transparency, ensuring no write-offs or adjustments occur without your prior consent. With us, there's no lock-up period, and you'll finally have the peace of mind that comes from reliable, transparent, and cost-effective billing support. 

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Error-Free Coding
Insurance Claims
CPT Code Accuracy
Reimbursement Maximization
Claim Submission Precision
Coding Compliance Excellence
Secure Your Revenue Stream

Medicare Billing Solutions for Urgent Care Centers

Ensure your revenue stream with our Medicare billing solutions for urgent care centers, featuring a 99.9% billing accuracy, increased revenue flow, and dramatic drops in denials.

Enhanced Revenue Flow

Experience increased revenue flow with our efficient billing solutions.

Dramatic Denial Reduction

Achieve a dramatic reduction in claim denials with our expert billing support.

Error-Free Demographics Entry

Ensure 100% error-free patient demographics entry for billing precision.

Transparent Procedures & Fees

Transparent procedures and fees ensure billing clarity and trust.

Complete Data Protection

Count on us for complete data protection, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Demographics Verification

Our thorough demographics verification guarantees accurate billing.

Why Choose Our RCM services

Certified Professional Coders

Our Certified Professional Coders ensure coding accuracy and compliance.

Up to 98% Total Collections

Enjoy up to 98% of total collections, maximizing your revenue potential.

Elevate Your Billing Efficiency with Quest MBS

We utilize state-of-the-art podiatry billing software developed for the specific needs of podiatrists. It simplifies claim submission, tracks the claims in real-time, and reduces errors drastically, ensuring compliance and maximized revenue. 

Our Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management

Elevate Your Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management for a Streamlined, Efficient Practice. With Quest MBS, your focus remains squarely on your patients, while we take care of the administrative intricacies that often burden healthcare providers.

Enhance the operational efficiency of your urgent care practice with our EMR/PM solutions. Spend less time on cumbersome documentation and more time delivering attentive patient care. We provide tailored workflows designed specifically for urgent care settings, allowing you to simplify and expedite your operations. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Our comprehensive RCM services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your urgent care practice. We ensure that you not only remain compliant with evolving healthcare regulations but also expedite the reimbursement process. Trust in our expertise to keep your practice financially robust, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

Patient Engagement

Cultivate strong patient relationships and drive repeat visits with our patient engagement solutions. We facilitate seamless online registration and gather valuable post-visit feedback, delivering an exceptional experience that leaves a lasting impression. With Quest MBS, you empower patients to connect with your practice effortlessly.

Billing for Your Practice Success

How Our Approach Simplifies Billing for Urgent Care

Unlock your practice's true revenue potential with our exceptional approach to billing for urgent care. At Quest MBS, we understand the critical role that accurate CPT codes play in securing maximum reimbursement for your services. Our Certified Professional Coders (CPCs) meticulously perform chart abstractions, leveraging medical and diagnostic data to assign the most appropriate CPT codes and modifiers, including common codes like 99214, 99213, and 99204. 

Our proactive charge-entry department ensures that all coded claims are submitted with scrupulous attention to detail, complying with Medicare and HIPAA regulations. Our comprehensive claim audits guarantee that every completed claim aligns with these vital standards. This diligent approach, coupled with swift claims forwarding via our clearinghouse, minimizes potential issues and streamlines the billing process. 

We recognize the common pitfalls in urgent care billing, such as overlooking ancillary codes that can boost revenue or not fully understanding payer criteria. Our dedication to simplification and efficiency ensures that you not only navigate these challenges but also unlock your practice's full financial potential. With Quest MBS, you have a trusted partner in the intricate world of billing for urgent care.

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Payer-Specific Guidelines
Coding Precision
Strategic Use of Modifiers
Advance Claims Scrubbing
Frequency of Services
Necessity & Documentation
Monitoring Denial Patterns
Accurate Reimbursement

Simplify Medicare Urgent Care Billing With
Quest MBS

Simplify Urgent Care Billing with Quest MBS and experience a streamlined approach that maximizes reimbursements.

Coding Accuracy
We leave no room for error. Our meticulous review of 100% of the charts ensures that the right codes are reported, always in compliance with the latest regulations.
Patient Experience
We prioritize creating a seamless and satisfying experience for your patients, from the moment they schedule an appointment to their efficient checkout.
Gain peace of mind by being in-network with top insurance providers. Our team negotiates diligently to secure the best rates and contracts, ensuring financial stability for your practice.
Improve Collections
We're committed to helping you maximize reimbursements. With efficient systems at every step of the process, we ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.
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Reach out to us and experience the efficiency of outsourcing revenue cycle management to Quest MBS. Our dedicated team ensures seamless, error-free billing processes, letting you concentrate on patient care. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can elevate your practice, ensuring consistent cash flow, reduced administrative burden, and financial stability.

What Makes QMBS For Urgent Care Billing Services

We specialize in overcoming the complexities surrounding billing, coding, payer contracts, and compliance to maximize your revenue. Our expert solutions ensure financial stability for your urgent care practice.

Completion of Claims

Our extensive expertise in urgent care revenue cycle management equips us with extraordinary scalability and flexibility in filing claims, both electronically and on paper.


Reports for Practices

We understand the unique needs of urgent care facilities, regularly delivering customized reports and updates through email, keeping you informed and in control.


Payments and Audits

We meticulously enter payment details into our systems upon receipt and conduct payment audits, ensuring that your urgent care facilities receive accurate and maximum reimbursements.


Appeals Management

In cases of incorrect payments or denials from insurance companies, we file appeals and guarantee that your practice receives the correct reimbursement, addressing any discrepancies promptly.


Tailored Reporting Schedule

Our reports are not one-size-fits-all. We customize and generate reports on a schedule that suits your practice's specific needs, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly.


Claims Follow-Up

We keep aging reports up to date and diligently follow up on claims submitted to insurance companies, ensuring prompt reimbursement, minimizing delays, and optimizing your revenue flow.

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