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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

Make your dollar count with Quest MBS, your partner for RCM Healthcare Services. We ensure faster claims, reduced write-off/denials, and enhanced staff productivity, all to maximize ROI. Get insurance claims management and reimbursement solutions that truly work for you.
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Revenue Cycle Management Services

Outsource Revenue Cycle Management Services

When you outsource Revenue Cycle Management Services, you are tapping into a world of expertise and efficiency. Our experienced professionals, armed with proven processes and cutting-edge tools, ensure that every aspect of your revenue cycle is meticulously managed. With stringent quality controls and IT automation, we guarantee an affordable solution that delivers results.

At Quest MBS our commitment to excellence translates into faster claims processing, a reduction in write-offs and denials, and exceptional value for your investment. By entrusting us with your revenue cycle, you’re not only saving money but also enhancing staff productivity. Ultimately, our goal is to maximize your ROI. 

With us, you get a consolidated view of your RCM health, encompassing claims, collections, receivables, adjustments, and more. This holistic approach makes tracking and managing your revenue cycle easier than ever before. Outsource with confidence and let us optimize your financial success.

Professional Revenue Cycle Management With Nationwide Reach

How Our RCM Billing Services Work

Quest MBS offers profound expertise and support to guide you through your entire revenue cycle, enhancing financial performance. With our assistance, you’ll maximize staff efficiency and concentrate on your primary mission – providing exceptional patient care.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Eligibility Checks

Ensure financial clarity from the start with patient eligibility checks, a crucial step in our RCM billing services.

Revenue Cycle Management Services


Our expertise navigates the intricate credentialing process, streamlining your revenue cycle management.

Medical Coding

Experience accuracy with our meticulous medical coding, a cornerstone of our RCM billing services.


Our expertise minimizes errors and maximizes reimbursements with our thorough claims scrubbing process.

Revenue Cycle Management Services


Speed and efficiency define our claim submission, ensuring your revenue flows smoothly.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Payment Posting

Seamlessly integrate payments into your system with our efficient payment posting services.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Denial Management

We handle denials, turning setbacks into opportunities for recovery with our denial management.

A/R Followup

Stay on top of outstanding accounts with our A/R follow-up, ensuring your revenue stays on track.

Our Expertise on Medical Billing Solutions

Tailored Solutions According to Needs

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Services

When it comes to medical revenue cycle management services specifically for hospitals, Quest MBS stands as your trusted partner. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through our hospital RCM services, designed to expand your horizons in healthcare financial management.

We bring to the table a powerful collaboration with Allscripts and a deep understanding of hospital systems. This partnership not only expands our capabilities but also strengthens your revenue cycle. Our expertise and insights lead to improved reporting and analytics that, when they matter most, won’t collapse under pressure. We take pride in offering transparent reporting of revenue cycle results and metrics, along with cutting-edge analytics that bolster insurance and self-pay collections.

Oncology and Related Specialties
Rehab and Behavior Health
Diagnostic & Treatment Center
Orthopedic Specialist
OBGYN & Acupuncture Billing
Podiatry, Cardiology and Pediatric
Ambulatory & Anesthesia RCM
Urgent Care & Emergency Rooms

Physician Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our team of professional billing experts is dedicated to ensuring that your billing and coding processes are not only accurate but also optimized for maximum revenue. We are your partners through every step of the revenue cycle, ensuring that you achieve the financial health your practice deserves.
With our Physician Revenue Cycle Management Services, you benefit from
Dedicated Account Managers
Our experienced account managers take a comprehensive approach to enhance the financial health of your practice.
Revenue Cycle Analytics
We provide an exclusive analytic toolset that identifies trends and offers transparency into your revenue cycle. This technology supports data-driven decision-making, optimizing financial results. Key areas monitored include physician productivity, denial trending, and industry benchmarking.
Streamlined Claim Submission
We excel in the art of efficient claim submission, minimizing delays and ensuring that your practice receives payments promptly. Our expertise in navigating the complexities of the claims process maximizes your revenue while reducing administrative burdens.
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Don’t wait any longer to improve the financial health of your practice. Contact us now and speak with one of our expert medical billing consultants. We will assess your specific needs and create a customized plan to optimize your revenue cycle. Let us handle the paperwork so you can focus on providing quality care to your patients.

Ambulatory RCM Services

our Ambulatory RCM Services are your key to unlocking the full potential of your revenue cycle. We understand the importance of supporting your growth and quality care delivery while safeguarding your margins. Whether you opt for departmental outsourcing or a comprehensive strategic partnership, our flexible approach is tailored to meet your unique objectives. 

With a focus on leveraging analytics, implementing automation strategies, and transforming operations, we’re dedicated to eliminating waste and inefficiencies, ensuring your financial success.

Why Choose Our RCM services

At Quest MBS, the choice is clear when it comes to selecting a partner for your healthcare revenue cycle management needs. We go beyond mere service providers; we become an extension of your practice, dedicated to your financial well-being and operational efficiency. Here's why we stand out:
Why Choose Our RCM services

Proven Results

Our track record speaks for itself. We have consistently delivered remarkable results, including a significant reduction in days in accounts receivable, an impressive increase in cash collected, and a substantial decrease in denials.

Why Choose Our RCM services

Industry Expertise

With a team of industry experts at your disposal, you benefit from in-depth knowledge and experience in healthcare revenue cycle management. We understand the complexities and nuances of the field, ensuring that your practice remains financially optimized.

Why Choose Our RCM services

Focus on Innovation

Embracing innovation is a key driver of success in healthcare. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and industry best practices ensures that your revenue cycle benefits from the latest tools and strategies.

Why Choose Our RCM services

Exceptional Support

With dedicated account managers and a customer-centric approach, we provide the support you need at every step of your revenue cycle journey. You're not just a client; you're a valued partner, and your success is our top priority.

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