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Efficient Neurology Billing Solutions

Neurology Billing Services

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Neurology Medical Billing & Coding Services

Complex Neurology Billing Made Simple with Quest MBS

Neurology billing is a different ball game altogether. While Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding has its complexities, neurology throws a whole new set of challenges your way. Imagine grappling with over 100 specific procedure codes, each with nuances that can make or break your claim. Add to that the complexities of place of service (POS) rules –  inpatient, outpatient, even in-home consultations –  and you’ve got a recipe for billing headaches.

In the world of neurology RCM even the smallest misstep can cost your practice dearly. A missed modifier, an inaccurate code selection, or a failure to adhere to specific POS guidelines can lead to denials and lost revenue.  These denials can be particularly damaging due to the often-complex nature of neurology procedures.

That’s where Quest MBS comes in. We take the burden of navigating these complexities off your shoulders. Our team of neurology billing experts understands the ins and outs of coding, POS rules, and the unique nuances of neurology practice billing. We’ll ensure your claims are accurate, compliant, and submitted efficiently, maximizing your reimbursements and keeping your cash flow healthy.

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Our Revenue Driven Neurology Billing Process For Leakage Free RCM Cycle

Empower your practice with a smarter approach to revenue cycle management. Our intelligent RCM system streamlines every step of the billing process.

Initial Practice Audit

We identify areas for improvement and optimize your billing system for neurology practices.

Denial Management

Our experts fight denied claims and appeal for rightful reimbursements.

Account Receivable Follow Up

We ensure timely payments by following up with insurance companies on outstanding claims.

Evaluation & Management Coding

Our certified coders ensure accurate and specific E/M coding for your neurology services.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Review

We decipher complex EOBs to identify discrepancies and potential reimbursement opportunities.

Charge Capture

We capture all billable charges efficiently, ensuring you don't miss out on any revenue.

Patient Statement Creation

We generate clear and concise patient statements to facilitate prompt payments.

HIPAA Compliance & Regulations

We navigate the complexities of HIPAA to ensure patient data security and practice peace of mind.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Solutions

Insurance Navigation services empower your practice to optimize reimbursements, minimize denials, and ensure a seamless financial journey.

Supercharge Your Neurology Billing with Pinpoint Coding Accuracy

Neurology billing can feel like a headache, right? All those codes and rules can be a real drag on your time and revenue. But fear not! Here at Quest MBS our certified coders can decipher them and make your billing process more smoother. By employing pinpoint coding accuracy across the entire spectrum of neurology, we ensure your practice receives the rightful compensation for the complex services it provides.

We ensure accurate selection of levels based on medical decision-making, history, and examination components. When dealing with advanced procedures, our expertise shines. We can precisely code for intricate vascular interventions like 37211 (Carotid artery stenting) and 61624 (Intracranial atherectomy with stent placement), capturing all billable components while adhering to payer-specific guidelines.

Furthermore, we excel in coding for diagnostic procedures crucial in neurological evaluations. From routine EEGs (95810) to specialized studies like evoked potentials (95920, 95925), our coders ensure precise representation of testing performed. The same applies to neuromuscular assessments, where we accurately code for procedures like electromyography (95810) and nerve conduction studies (95870, 95871), maximizing reimbursement for these vital diagnostic tools.

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Office Visit Billing
Telehealth Modifiers
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PT/ST Billing
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Expert Billing for the Full Spectrum of Neurology

Our team of certified coders possesses in-depth knowledge across the entire spectrum of neurology, ensuring accurate and maximized reimbursements for even the most complex procedures. 

Vascular Neurology
We have a clear understanding of coding for procedures like carotid artery stenting, angiograms, and intracranial stenting, maximizing reimbursements for these critical interventions.
Interventional Neurology
Our expertise covers a wide range of minimally invasive procedures, including stroke interventions, aneurysm coiling, and spinal cord stimulator placements. We ensure proper coding and adherence to payer guidelines.
Behavioral Neurology
Our team is well-versed in coding for evaluations and procedures related to dementia, movement disorders, and other behavioral conditions. We ensure accurate representation of your services for maximized reimbursements.
Epilepsy, Neuromuscular & Neurorehabilitation
We navigate the complexities of coding for EEGs, EMGs, NCS, and other diagnostic tests used in managing epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, and rehabilitation programs.

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