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Discover effortless financial control with Quest MBS. We specialize in geriatrics billing and coding services, providing top-notch ICD-10 coding for Medical Practices and Hospitals. Our certified coders, real support, and dedicated managers ensure optimal reimbursements & streamlined geriatrics medical billing.
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Geriatrics Billing and Coding services

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Geriatrics Medical Billing Services Aligned with the Dynamic Medical Billing Cycle

Unlock the seamless synergy of Geriatrics Billing and Coding Services with Quest MBS, meticulously aligned with the dynamic ebb and flow of the Medical Billing Cycle. Our comprehensive approach begins with patient enrollment, capturing vital demographic and insurance information with precision. The foundation laid in this initial phase ensures a robust billing journey, setting the stage for accurate and efficient processing.

Verification takes center stage, where our dedicated team conducts thorough insurance verification and authorization processes, laying the groundwork for a streamlined billing experience. At Quest MBS, we understand the critical importance of coding accuracy. Our AAPC-certified coders exhibit proficiency in CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS, and ICD-10 codes, ensuring that every code aligns seamlessly with the unique nuances of geriatrics medical billing services.

Patient Enrollment Excellence
Thorough Verification Processes
AAPC-certified proficiency
Meticulous Auditing Practices
Efficient Payment Posting
Reimbursement Policy Expertise

Professional Revenue Cycle Management With Nationwide Reach

Outsourcing Geriatrics Medical Billing Excellence

Outsource your geriatrics billing worries to Quest MBS, where expertise meets efficiency in managing geriatrics services. Experience streamlined outsourcing solutions designed to elevate your geriatrics billing services.

Modifiers Mastery

Attain billing accuracy through precise application of modifiers for optimal reimbursement and financial integrity.

ICD-9 and ICD-10 Proficiency

Expertise in navigating and implementing both ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding systems.

CPT Code Precision

Adept application of Current Procedural Terminology for precise billing.

Credentialing Excellence

Thorough credentialing services for smooth provider enrollment processes.

Compliance Assurance

Ensuring billing practices adhere to the latest healthcare compliance standards.

Efficient Claims Processing

Efficient Claims Processing: Streamlining claims processing for faster reimbursements and reduced denials.

Payer-Specific Knowledge

In-depth understanding of diverse payer policies and requirements.

Customized Reporting Solutions

Tailored reporting mechanisms for insightful financial analytics and decision-making.

Navigating Excellence with Geriatric Billing Codes

At Quest MBS, we go beyond coding; our dedication to insurance compliance guarantees that every code aligns seamlessly with regulatory requirements, securing your financial landscape with precision and integrity.

Quest MBS Elevate Healthcare Finances with Our Expert Geriatrics Billing Services

We validate patient insurance coverage and obtain necessary authorizations before any service is rendered, ensuring a smooth start to the billing process. Our Coding Experts diligently assign precise codes to medical services, optimizing reimbursement processing and minimizing errors.
Efficient Billing & Follow-up
Our Billing experts submit claims promptly, following up for timely payments on your behalf, ensuring a consistent cash flow.
Denial & Appeals Management

Our experienced team meticulously reviews denied claims, filing necessary appeals on your behalf to maximize revenue recovery.

Compliance Auditing

We conduct Regular audits to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, keeping your practice ahead of industry changes.

We Align Geriatrics Practice Audit with RCM Excellence

Our dedicated focus on accuracy extends to the intricacies of geriatric billing codes and geriatric CPT codes, ensuring your practice operates at its financial best. Quest MBS conducts a comprehensive Geriatrics Practice Audit. This audit delves into the heart of your operations, ensuring compliance, identifying potential revenue gaps, and optimizing processes for peak efficiency. 

We seamlessly integrate this audit with our RCM expertise, aligning the nuances of geriatric billing codes and geriatric CPT codes within a strategic RCM framework. At Quest MBS, our aim is simple: to redefine and elevate your geriatrics practice’s financial landscape. We ensure a harmonious blend of compliance, precision, and financial success. Experience the synergy where Geriatrics Practice Audit meets RCM excellence, setting the stage for sustained financial triumph in geriatrics services.

Accurate Geriatric ICD-10-CM Coding
Expertise in Geriatric CPT Coding
Geriatric HCPCS Level II Coding
Seamless Integration of CPT & HCPCS
Procedure Documentation for Geriatrics
Geriatric Evaluation and Management (E/M) Codes
Geriatric Surgery Coding

Optimizing Geriatrics Services with Billing Precision

Elevate your geriatrics practice with Quest MBS’s specialized expertise in geriatrics billing services and a meticulous focus on geriatric billing codes. Our streamlined process ensures that your geriatrics services thrive through precision and accuracy.

Enrollment and Verification
Commence with patient enrollment, capturing essential demographic and insurance information. Navigate through the verification process, ensuring insurance eligibility and obtaining necessary authorizations for a seamless start to the billing journey.
Coding Precision
Our coding experts step in, applying their proficiency in geriatric billing codes to accurately represent the provided medical services. This step is crucial for optimizing reimbursement and maintaining compliance.
Auditing and Validation
We conduct a meticulous audit, validating codes and checking charges for accuracy. This step ensures not only compliance but also financial precision throughout the billing cycle, minimizing errors and maximizing revenue potential.
Payment Posting
Our team excels in payment posting, reconciling accounts for transparency and accuracy. We adeptly manage accounts receivable, strategically handle insurance and patient collections, and conduct diligent follow-ups for aging accounts.
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Contact With Our Geriatric Billing & Coding Expert

Our specialized team is committed to offering personalized guidance and solutions tailored to the unique needs of geriatric services. Whether you seek assistance in navigating complex geriatric billing codes or require insights into coding precision, our experts stand ready to provide comprehensive support. Contact us today to unlock a seamless collaboration that ensures accuracy, compliance, and financial success in your geriatrics practice.

Why Choose Our Geriatrics Billing Excellence

Discover the advantages of choosing Quest MBS for your geriatrics billing and coding needs. Our specialized services are designed to optimize accuracy, compliance, and financial success in geriatric practice.

Precision in Coding

Benefit from our expert team achieving an accuracy rate of over 98% in geriatric billing and coding services.


Efficient Claims Processing

Experience streamlined operations with a 20% reduction in claim processing time, ensuring quicker reimbursements.


Comprehensive Compliance

Ensure adherence to regulatory standards with a meticulous approach that has led to a 95% compliance rate.


Transparent Reporting

Gain insights with transparent monthly reporting, providing a 360-degree view of your geriatrics practice's financial health.


Strategic Denial Management

Navigate denials strategically, boosting revenue recovery with a success rate of 90% in appeal submissions.


Personalized Consultation

Access personalized consultations, ensuring that your geriatrics billing and coding align seamlessly with your practice's goals and values.

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