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OB GYN Medical Billing Services

Break Free from Billing Bottlenecks & Accelerate Your OB-GYN Cash Flow with Quest MBS Proactive OB GYN Medical Billing Services. Pair Up With Our Billing Specialist and See Your Revenue Soar.
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OB/GYN Medical Billing Services

Specialized OB/GYN Billing Services That Help Your Practice See 20% More Patients

Spending hours chasing denied claims instead of caring for patients? The tangled web of OB-GYN codes, ever-changing payer rules, and shrinking reimbursements can steal your time and drain your bottom line. 

Let’s be honest, you became an OB-GYN to care for women and families, not to become a billing expert. Getting tangled up in the complexities of high-risk pregnancy billing or trying to decide if a service should be bundled or separate is  frustrating, especially when you feel like the incredible care you provide isn’t reflected in your bottom line.

Handing off those billing headaches to a specialized ob gyn billing company like Quest MBS  that understands the variability of this field inside and out can make a difference we proactively fight for your reimbursements. Think of the freedom you’d gain: no more time wasted decoding bundled services, no more hair-pulling over high-risk billing scenarios, and no more feeling like you’re leaving money on the table. 

ICD-10 Coding
Payer Regulations
Revenue Optimization
Medical Necessity Documentation
INN & OON Billing
Global Period Understanding
Medical Necessity

Your OB-GYN Billing Problems End Here

Our team of OB-GYN billing specialists isn’t just familiar with the basics; we thrive on the complexities. With our decade worth expertise in billing for OB Gyn Services we can resolve your biggest challenges like: 

Unbundled Services

We dissect global packages with precision, ensuring you never leave a reimbursable service on the table.

High-Risk Pregnancies

High-risk pregnancies are our specialty. We ensure your exceptional care translates flawlessly to maximized revenue.

Preventive vs. Diagnostic

We're fluent in the subtle language of codes, guaranteeing proper classification and accurate payment every time.

Payer Inconsistencies

We decipher payer rule changes before they impact your cash flow, safeguarding your practice from unexpected denials.

Balancing Billing & Care

Our OB-GYN billing systems run like clockwork, giving you back the hours you deserve with patients.

Modifier Confusion

Modifiers are our second language. We ensure they boost your claims, not trigger rejections.

Delivery Complications

From unexpected procedures to complex conditions, we ensure your documentation equals your deserved compensation.

Genetic Testing

We know the ever-shifting world of genetic testing codes, securing maximum coverage and minimizing your paperwork burden.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Solutions

Insurance Navigation services empower your practice to optimize reimbursements, minimize denials, and ensure a seamless financial journey.

Watch Your Revenue Cycle Speed Up With Our Optimized OB-GYN Billing

Delayed payments from incorrect coding, frustrating claim rejections, and time-consuming follow-up can strangle your cash flow. This directly impacts your ability to invest in your practice, expand services, or even simply take a well-earned break.

Our specialized OB-GYN billing isn’t just about outsourcing paperwork. We analyze your entire revenue cycle to find bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Our team employs proactive claim “scrubbing” to catch errors before submission, implements aggressive denial management, and leverages technology to automate time-consuming tasks.

With a faster revenue cycle, you’ll gain financial stability, freeing up resources to invest back into your practice. This translates into the ability to expand patient services, upgrade equipment, or provide the quality care you strive for without worrying about cash flow interruptions.

Revenue Optimization
24/7 Support
CPC Certified Team
NCCI Editing
Payer Relationship
Office & Facility Billing

Our HIPAA Compliant OB GYN RCM Process

Our HIPAA Compliant OB/GYN RCM Process is meticulously designed to secure patient health information, optimize revenue collection, and streamline your practice’s financial operations.

Specialized OB/GYN
Our coders are deeply familiar with the nuances of OB/GYN procedures, diagnoses, and modifiers, ensuring accurate billing and reduced claim denials.
Proactive Compliance Monitoring
We implement continuous auditing and updates to stay aligned with evolving HIPAA regulations, safeguarding your practice from penalties.
Rigorous Claims Management
Our process emphasizes thorough claim submission, timely follow-up, and denial resolution for accelerated reimbursement.
Data Security
Advanced encryption, access controls, and secure data handling practices underpin our system, minimizing the risk of PHI breaches.

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Why Choose Quest MBS For OB GYN Medical Billing?

Quest MBS understands that smooth billing contributes to a better patient experience. Our focus and knowledge empower your practice to provide exceptional care. Billing is a partnership in your mission.

Proven OB/GYN Expertise

Leverage our 15+ years of experience specifically focused on the intricate billing needs of OB/GYN practices. We understand your unique challenges and can ensure accurate coding and claim submission.


Competitive Fee Structure

Don't overpay for billing! Our industry-low rates are designed to maximize your revenue while minimizing your financial burden. We offer transparent pricing so you know exactly what you're getting.


Slash Claim Denials by Up to 90%

Stop wasting time and money on denied claims. Our meticulous approach and in-depth knowledge of OB/GYN billing regulations significantly reduce rejections, leading to faster Payments.


Dedicated OB/GYN Support Team

You're not alone. Our team of dedicated OB/GYN billing specialists understands your practice's unique needs and provides tailored solutions and ongoing support.

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