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Observation Care Billing Services

Turn patient’s observation stays into predictable revenue with error free observation billing services by Quest MBS. Our certified coding specialists and proven processes ensure you capture every dollar you're entitled to, while minimizing denials and compliance risk.
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Billing For Observation services

Turning Observation Billing Headaches into Revenue Wins

Observation care billing is notorious for its complexities.  Determining patient eligibility, deciphering the mix of inpatient and outpatient services and juggling the specific requirements of both 13x and 85x bills can feel like a never-ending headache. Add in the ever-changing CMS guidelines and payer-specific rules, and it’s no wonder many providers feel overwhelmed.

But what if you could transform this headache into a consistent source of revenue? What if those complex codes and confusing regulations weren’t a burden, but a path to increased profitability?

At Quest MBS, we’ve cracked the code to observation billing success. Our experts live and breathe the complexities of observation billing, staying ahead of the curve with the latest observation billing guidelines and best practices. We meticulously review every claim, scrutinizing Condition Codes 44 (for observation patients) and Type of Bill 13X (for hospital outpatients).Partner with Quest MBS, and let us transform your billing headaches into bottom-line results.

Speciality Specific Coding
Subsequent Observation Care Billing
Government & Commercial Payer Credentialing
Outpatient Billing
Observation Billing Guidelines
Therapy Billing
Medical Necessity

Our Revenue Enhancement Observation Hospital Billing Services

Quest MBS takes a comprehensive approach to observation billing, going beyond accurate coding to proactively maximize your revenue.

Eligibility Verification

Meticulous review of medical necessity and documentation to ensure observation status is appropriate.

Certified Coding Expertise

Accurate assignment of CPT and ICD-10-CM codes specific to observation services, minimizing claim denials.

Two-Midnight Rule Determination

Expert navigation of the Two-Midnight Rule, a critical determinant for observation or inpatient status.

Condition Code 44 Optimization

Strategic use of Condition Code 44 to capture appropriate reimbursement when observation transitions to inpatient.

Denial Management

Proactive resolution of observation claim denials through appeals and communication with payers.

Ongoing Education

Continuous monitoring of regulatory changes and payer updates to adapt billing practices for optimal outcomes.

Data-Driven Insights

Analysis of billing patterns to identify trends, optimize reimbursement, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Client Collaboration

Open communication and partnership with your team to ensure seamless integration and maximum results.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Solutions

Insurance Navigation services empower your practice to optimize reimbursements, minimize denials, and ensure a seamless financial journey.

See the Difference with Quest MBS Observation Billing That Delivers

Observation billing demands precise understanding of CPT codes like 99217-99220 (initial observation care) and 99224-99226 (subsequent observation care). Incorrect coding can lead to costly denials and missed revenue. Quest MBS’s certified coders have deep expertise in observation-specific CPT guidelines, ensuring accurate and optimized claims.

Our approach is comprehensive and data-driven. We meticulously review medical records, applying the Two-Midnight Rule and Condition Code 44 as appropriate. We optimize revenue by identifying opportunities for observation upgrades and ensuring proper billing for procedures and tests performed during observation stays.

Our observation billing expertise isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about results. We combine a rigorous QA process with cutting-edge technology to streamline your revenue cycle, accelerating claims processing, minimizing denials, and enhancing your financial performance. See the Quest MBS difference – where accuracy, efficiency, and revenue growth converge.

Revenue Optimization
Affordable Cost
24/7 Support
Office & Facility Billing
CPC Certified Team
Payer Relationship
NCCI Editing
EHR/EMR Support

We Take the Guesswork Out of Observation Billing

At Quest MBS, we eliminate the uncertainty with our proven processes and specialized expertise. expert knowledge, and cutting-edge technology to ensure your observation claims are accurate, compliant, and optimized for maximum reimbursement.
In-Depth Documentation Review
We examine medical records to ensure observation status aligns with the Two-Midnight Rule, preventing costly denials and ensuring appropriate reimbursement.
Status Change Management
Observation stays can evolve. We proactively monitor and manage transitions to inpatient status, ensuring accurate coding and optimal reimbursement even when the patient's condition changes.
Timely Appeal and Follow-Up
We don't let denied claims go unanswered. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to appeal denials, communicate with payers, and secure the full payment you deserve.

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Ultimate Advantages Of Choosing Quest MBS

Quest MBS is your observation billing partner, not just a vendor. We combine deep expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver measurable results that transform your revenue cycle.

3x Faster Claims Processing

Our streamlined workflows and advanced technology expedite your billing process, getting you paid faster.


15% Average Increase in Observation Revenue

Through optimized coding, accurate documentation review, and proactive denial management, we consistently help clients unlock revenue potential.


100+ Satisfied Clients

We've helped numerous healthcare providers optimize their observation billing and achieve significant revenue growth.


90% Client Retention Rate

Our clients trust us to deliver results and build long-term partnerships that drive their success.

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